No. Release Date Headlines
1 8 Nov 2017 A*STAR IME's New Multi-Chip Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging Development Line to drive Innovation and Growth in Semiconductor Industry
13 Jun 2017
ROHM and A*STAR's IME to Develop Artificial Intelligence Chip for Predictive Maintenance in Smart Factories


No. Release Date Headlines
 1  19 Sep 2016
Applied Materials and A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics to Advance R&D in Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging
 2  26 July 2016
A*STAR's IME Kicks Off Consortia to Develop Advanced Packaging Solutions for Next-Generation Internet of Things Applications and High-Performance Wireless Data Transfer Technologies
 3  30 June 2016
A*STAR's IME Launches Chip-on-Wafer Consortium II and Cost-Effective Interposer Consortium to Advance Chip Packaging Solutions for High-Volume Manufacturing
 8 June 2016
 A*STAR IME's Consortium to Deepen Capabilities in MEMS Technologies for Industrial Internet of Things, Automotive, and Indoor Navigation Applications
13 Jan 2016 New Wireless Implantable Device from A*STAR's IME and Biospark to Improve Chronic Pain Management