An amorphous silicon (a-Si) metalens on a 12-inch glass wafer via the 193 nm ArF deep UV immersion lithography, with critical dimension (CD) as small as 100 nm. The layer transfer technology is developed to solve the glass wafer handling issue in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) fabrication line. The measured numerical aperture (NA) is 0.494 with a beam spot size of 1.26 μm.

 RGB Colour Display

A color display metasurface on a 12-inch silicon wafer with critical dimension (CD) below 100 nm by complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) compatible technology is demonstrated for the first time. The 193 nm ArF deep UV immersion lithography is used to pattern the metasurface, which as compared to electron beam lithography (EBL), greatly improves the efficiency while keeping a high resolution. The demonstrated metasurface successfully generates different resonances at the red, green, blue (RGB) wavelengths, making the RGB display possible.


Polarization Bandpass Filter 

The high-performance and mass-producible polarization controller based on Si metasurface is in high demand for the next-generation SWIR imaging system. The first demonstration of all-Si metasurface based polarizing bandpass filters (PBFs) on 12-inch wafers. The PBF achieves a polarization extinction ratio of above 10 dB in power within the passbands. A device yield of 82% is achieved.

Dot Projector 


An ultra-thin and large-area pixelated metasurface beam deflector with a footprint of 2500 × 2500 μm, formed by nanopillars with diameters from 221 to 396 nm, is demonstrated on a 12-inch glass wafer. The 21 × 21 array of deflectors is designed to bend the input light in different directions and to generate 441 random points. This pixelated metasurface beam deflector can generate random points simultaneously and has potential to make beam steering by switching each pixel of the beam deflector, which can be applied on motion detection, facial recognition, and light detection and ranging.