The IME ICS Lab's focus is on the research and development of integrated circuits for the next generation of “more than Moore” technologies in areas such as Three Dimension IC (3D IC), Opto-Electronic IC (OEIC), next generation memories, MEMS Sensors ICs, implantable and wearable Biomedical ICs and Radio Frequency ICs. The IME ICS lab explores novel applications in Sensing, Monitoring & Control use by leveraging IME’s research, design and process technology capabilities.

The vital link between your idea and mass manufacture
Building on its expertise and track record of serving industry in the area of RF CMOS and MEMS designs with successes in Bluetooth, RFID Tags, UWB and MEMS Sensors such as accelerometers, pressure sensors and proximity sensors, IME has assisted industry partners realize their ideas from concepts to functional prototype ready for industrialization.
Current Research
  • Wireless IC: Zigbee RF+BB, Bluetooth RF+Baseband, RFID Tag and Reader RF+BB, UWB-MBOA and Pulse RF+BB
  • Opto-elecronicsIC: Optical Transceivers 10Gps and 25Gps
  • MEMS IC: TPMS Accelerometer (Automobile)
  • Bio-medical Based IC: Wireless IC for endoscope, blood flow sensor, ECG monitor
  • 3D IC: Integrated 3D IC for miniaturised biomedical applications
  • Next-generation Memory IC: Low voltage RRAM replacing SRAM
Strong IC Design & Integration Expertise
  • Complete SOC capabilities since 1997
  • Wireless & Connectivity pipeline (WiFi,BT, Zigbee, RFID).
  • High speed, high bandwidth (UWB, MIMO, Optical).
  • Wireless Healthcare/BioMedical (ECG, HBR, BP monitoring, WBAN,).
  • Power electronics (Green Energy).
  • MEMS sensor interface circuits (acceleration, pressure, proximity)
  • Industry proven IPs/solutions and competencies to address technology roadblocks facing applications/Industry.
State- of- the-art Laboratories & Tools to Facilitate IC Design Engagements

IME is also certified in ISO 13485 and is applicable to Design and Development for device in biomedical applications.


For enquiries, please contact:
Mr. Rajan Walia
Tel: +65 6770 5471