Smart Catheter and Flexible Electronics Packaging Platforms

IME has developed various types of minimally invasive medical devices packaged via flexible electronics for cardiology and neurology applications. Cardiology applications include vascular graft sensor for early prosthetic graft failure detection, sensor-enhanced guidewire for endovascular procedures, and renal denervation guidewire to address resistant hypertension and other abnormally highly activated sympathetic diseases. Neurology applications include high density 3D neural probe array microsystem for deep brain neural recording/ stimulation application, wireless intracranial pressure (ICP) microsystem for multimodality (temperature, oxygen and pressure) neuromonitoring of severe head injury patients, and neuro-stimulation devices for peripheral nerve disease. Other applications include ultrasound for imaging and therapy.  These medical devices are realized using Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)-based sensors and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) integration via Chip-on-Flex (CoF) packaging techniques.
Wearable Electronics Device Platform   

IME has developed various types of wearable devices for healthcare monitoring purposes, such as smart sensor patch for early detection of extravasation injury during intravenous (IV) infusion, dry electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode cap for long-term epilepsy monitoring, and a cricoid pressure sensing patch for gastric aspiration procedure. These technologies can monitor a patient’s vital signs or symptoms and provide quantitative feedback, transmit data wirelessly to health providers on abnormal patterns in patient’s condition, allowing for early medical intervention and better patient care.

Services & Infrastructure
 One-stop solution from system concept, design integration, fabrication, biopackaging to evaluation.

 Services  Description

Unmet Clinical Needs

• Clinical needs driven by clinicians and industrial partners

• Hospital - research institute collaboration driving value-add innovation


Design of medical devices/ASICs to address unmet clinical needs

Modeling and simulation of MEMS-based sensors/transducers/ASICs

Algorithm design and system engineering

Risk management and verification & validation


IME’s in-house fabrication development of MEMS-based medical devices

ASICs fabricated in standard CMOS process by foundry, and designed for



Wirebond/flip-chip/flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) assembly

Gold-tin (AuSn) and gold stud bumping

Laser solder ball jetting/dicing

Conformal biocompatible coating


Bench top test/ex-vivo test

In-vitro cytotoxicity test and user validation testing

In-vivo trial

Clinical trial

  • Thermo-mechanical, electrical and thermal modeling & simulation to provide design guidelines
  • Through-silicon via (TSV) and through-silicon interposer (TSI) fabrication for flexible electronics packaging
  •  MEMS wafer level chip-scale/chip-to-flex packaging

        - Manual/automatic die attach

        - Wirebonding using gold, aluminium/X-wire (insulated) wires                                        

         - Flip-chip bonding (AuSn, tin-silver-copper (SAC), gold stud)

         - Laser solder jetting/bumping/cutting

  • Infrastructure

        - 3000m2 of cleanrooms

       - 200mm and 300mm engineering lines

        - 300mm FOWLP development lab

        - ISO 13485 certified assembly and biopackaging lab

        - Package/board level reliability testing and failure analysis facilities