The Institute of Microelectronics (IME) is a leading research and development institute with a well established track record in MEMS integration and packaging research and development.

Equipped with an advanced 200mm Si CMOS fabrication facility with MEMS specific process technology and advanced packaging capabilities, IME’s MEMS research focuses on optical, inertial and RF MEMS for applications in Bioelectronics, Miniaturised Medical Devices and Systems, Power Electronics, Ruggedized Electronics, Sensors & Actuators Microsystems and Silicon Photonics. We have the full integrated research capabilities to carry a project, from the concept to fabricating a prototype or final product.

IME has been working with commercial companies to develop cost-effective MEMS products and devices, such as integrated pressure sensor, accelerometer, micro-relay, silicon microphones, micro-mirrors, etc. IME's MEMS programme serves as an important mechanism in providing our industry partners a responsive and affordable access to the latest MEMS technology.

Research Focus

  • Scanning micro-mirror
  • Micro-mirror arrays for projection display
  • 3-D micro-mirror for biomedical applications
  • Optical switch

3-D micro-mirror Scanning Optical switch
Micro-mirror probe

  • Accelerometer and interface ASIC
  • Microphone
  • CMOS integrated pressure sensor
Accelerometer Microphone Microphone package

Si nano-wire biosensor CMOS integrated
pressure sensor


  • Magnetic switches
  • RF switches (capacitive/metal-contact)
  • NEMS switches and NEMS switch array
NEMS Switch Integrated platform of
RF MEMS switch and

Resonators and Filters
  • Vacuum packaged resonator
  • Capacitive resonator for bio applications
  • Piezoelectric resonator and filter

Piezoelectric resonator

Energy Harvester
  • Thermoelectric energy harvester
  • Capacitive energy harvester

Vacuum packaged thermoelectric energy harvester

CMUT Transducers
Through-silicon via MEMS packaging

  • Inkjet print-head
  • Micro PCR, DNA/RNA extractors
  • Patch clamp for drug discovery

Sample extractor Micro-fluidics assembly


For enquiries, please contact:

Mr. Tan Wee Ming
Tel: +65 6770 5770
E-mail: tanwm@ime.a-star.edu.sg