IME's Nano-Photonics Programme focuses on silicon photonics, an area of research which has attracted substantial industry interest. Silicon photonics enables manufacturers to integrate optical functions in silicon wafers, just as electronic devices are today, thus enabling them to take advantage of the infrastructure and R&D know-how of silicon manufacturing accrued over the past 40 years. The result is a 10 to 100 times reduction in cost, surmounting the main obstacle that has hindered the widespread adoption of photonics.

By leveraging the advanced silicon micro and nano-fabrication technologies in IME, researchers under the programme have made significant progress in developing CMOS platform-based silicon photonic devices with applications in high-speed optical interconnects and light-emitters. Their achievements include having demonstrated low loss light transmission in silicon waveguides, fast electro-optical effects and light emission in silicon - which are the important building blocks towards realising optical communication. For their pioneering work in these areas, IME's scientists have been honoured with prestigious awards.

Research Areas



Silicon Photonics Multiple-Projects Wafer (MPW) Prototyping
Silicon Multiple-Projects Wafer (MPW) Prototyping

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