RF MEMS Integration Platform


In 5G era, the RF spectrum gets increasingly crowded. The front-end bandpass filters are becoming the most important element in wireless communication devices.

IME has established 8-inch AlN and ScAlN integration platform with complete module technologies including lithography, PVD, CVD, etching, passivation, and thin film capsulation processes. This platform can host various types of the devices,  such as FBAR, Lamb wave resonators, LCAT mode resonators, and so on. On top of it, monolithic integration of RF MEMS devices on COMS is also developed.

Extra efforts are invested to study the AlN and ScAlN films. On our advanced manufacturing grade 8-inch PVD and dry-etching platform, high quality AlN and ScAlN film deposition and patterning are well established. Currently we are working on the ScAlN films with Sc concentration up to 20%, and 30 % ScAlN development will start in near future.


RF MEMS Resonators and Filters


IME is capable for design, simulation, modeling, and prototyping of RF MEMS devices with excellent performances. Our AlN based Laterally Coupled Alternating Thickness (LCAT)-mode resonator achieves ultra-high coupling coefficient (>6 %). Our FBAR-based Ladder type filter exhibits low insertion loss and wide band with the center frequency ranging from 2 GHz to 4 GHz.

Wafer level device characterization and analysis are well established, with high power (up to 38 dBm) and wide temperature range from -60 to 300 °C.