IME is focusing on R&D activities relating to these core research areas and programmes:

  • Integrated Circuits & Systems (ICS)
    IME's R&D excellence in circuit design and device modeling area has led to its leadership in high frequency IC designs (Radio Frequency IC and optical communication IC). The focus of ICS Lab is on CMOS RFIC designs. Our mixed-signal activities are focused on sensor interface circuits, which will be relevant to bioelectronics applications in future. We are now encompassing newer technological options such as SiGe and 90nm CMOS for low voltage and low power circuits, and designs with advanced architectures.

  • Interconnect and Packaging Programme (IPP)
    Triggered by the increasing needs for low-cost, miniaturised, fast and innovative product creation and to broaden the product portfolio of wafer fabs, IME is focusing its micro/nano packaging R&D on 3D stacking, through silicon via (TSV) technology, low-temperature wafer-to-wafer bonding, MEMS, photonics, Cu/ultra low-k devices, embedded wafer level modules, embedded active and passive device in substrate/PCB, electrical, thermal, mechanical design, materials, process and reliability.

  • Micro-electro-mechanical Systems Programme (MEMS)
    IME's MEMS Programme focuses on interdisciplinary R&D activities in the area of silicon-based MEMS devices which is used in the fields of Bioelectronics, Miniaturised Medical Devices, Sensors and Actuator Systems, and Rugged Sensor for extreme harsh environment.
  • Bioelectronics Programme (BE)
    The Bioelectronics Programme leverages on IME's expertise and know-how across the entire microelectronics value chain accumulated over the past 20 years through collaborative projects with local universities, hospitals, research institutes and industry. It aims to become a global leader in championing novel commercial technologies for high value clinical diagnostics.

  • Nano-Electronics & Photonics (NanoEP) Programme
    IME's NanoEP Programme focuses on the Si-CMOS platform based Si Nanowire devices with applications in electronics and bio-electronics, novel storage memory, and Si Photonic devices with applications in high-speed optical interconnects and light-emitters.

  • Miniaturised Medical Devices (MMD) Programme
    IME has identified miniaturized medical devices as one of the key sectors in which its expertise, infrastructure and multidisciplinary competencies in microelectronics technology can make significant contributions to help the Medtech industry create innovations that can foster the competitiveness of the industrial sectors and benefit the society at large.

  • Rugged Electonics Programme
    IME's Rugged Electronics Programme focuses on Rugged Packaging, Advanced MEMS Sensor, Acoustic Telemetry, Sensors Interface Circuits in the development of novel rugged electronics devices that are used in High Temperature, High-Pressure, harsh environment. The programme taps on IME's expertise in microelectronics technologies and uses a multidisciplinary approach and to deliver an integrated solution to achieve the goals of the programme.