Rugged Electronics is a strategic focus area for IME. The mission of the IME Rugged Electronics programme is to establish a R&D infrastructure to discover novel rugged sensors, packaging and electronics that is resistant to High Temperature, High-Pressure and perform in the harshest environment such as in extremely high temperature and high pressure oil well exploration in deep sea, and to develop an eco-system that can grow the industry in Singapore.

To achieve these goals, the IME uses a multidisciplinary approach and a wide range of technologies (sensor design and modelling, Signal conditioning & Telemetry electronics, MEMS Process Technology, Packaging Technology and Reliability) to provide an integrated approach to our industry collaborators.

IME's Rugged Electronics Programme is currently focussed on the development of rugged electronics for marine and subsea drilling, with an interest in related areas to meet the on-going demands of this sector.

Current Research Focus

Potential Interest

  • Hi Temperature Non-Volatile-Memory
  • Acoustic Transducer for Telemetry
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Accelerometer for Microgravity and Directional Drilling
  • High Temperature Interconnect
  • High Temperature Multi-chip-module
  • Opto-Mechanical Sensors
  • High Temperature Electronics for Sensor Readout

For enquiries, please contact:

Mr. Rajan Walia
Tel: +65 6770 5471