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18 July 2014

A*STAR IME was presented the Applied Research Award for its winning entry ‘A Green and Sustainable Long Term Solution to Power Small-Scale Electronic Devices ‘.

Awarded by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), the IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards recognises the achievements of engineers through an outstanding engineering project that has made an impact in the research field or society.

The energy harvester developed by A*STAR IME has the ability to continuously convert the vibrations into electricity. This breakthrough presents a green, economical and sustainable long-term solution to eliminate the manual re-charging or replacement of power sources in miniature devices.

Dr. Alex Gu, Technical Director, together with his research team at A*STAR IME leveraged on low frequency vibrations, the most abundant and ubiquitous energy source in the surroundings, to power small-scale electronic devices indefinitely. Its applications include powering implantable medical devices, used in water or gas flow meter and more. The team received the award at the National University of Singapore on 18 July 2014.

This year, three of the Science and Engineering Research Institutes under A*STAR reaped five awards out of 10 awarded, making A*STAR the biggest winner for the second year in a row.