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13 April 2016

IME clinched five awards at the annual A*STAR Workplan Seminar 2016. The A*STAR awards are presented annually to A*STAR and its research entities to recognize their achievements, as well as to outstanding staff for their contributions to the organization.

At the research institute level, IME won awards for the Most Income Derived from Additional Sources (MIDAS), Most Valuable Partner (MVP) and Patent Power categories. The MIDAS and MVP awards are testimonial to IME’s industry collaboration strength, as well as its exemplary contributions to assist its industry partners in achieving their research and development (R&D) objectives, whilst the Patent Power award reflects IME’s R&D achievements.

IME staff also did us proud, winning the Go-The-Extra-Mile-for-Service (GEMS) and The Award for Leading, Educating & Nurturing Talent (TALENT) awards.

Ms Siow Li Yan, the recipient of the GEMS award, was recognized for consistent excellence in work performance, her R&D achievements and her selfless contribution in supporting other team members on their project needs.

IME’s Sensors & Actuators Microsystems (SAM) Programme’s team was the recipient of the TALENT award. This award, nominated by young scientists and PhD students, commended the team for providing excellence guidance, as well as research & development opportunities, which have allowed young and aspiring scientists under their care to grow their scientific potential.