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12 April 2008

Mr. M Kumarasamy Raja (in picture, 5th from right, with A*CAR taskforce members and Mr. Lim Chuan Poh, 6th from left, Chairman of A*STAR), a member of the A*STAR Capabilities for Automotive Research (A*CAR) taskforce and Senior Research Engineer of IME, received the A*STAR Borderless Award and MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industries) Borderless Award on 30th March 2008 and 12th April 2008 respectively.

The A*STAR and MTI Borderless Award recognize teams which exemplify borderless collaboration cutting across agencies and encourages active collaboration on cross agency projects among statutory boards under MTI. This is part of the Singapore's strategy where agencies work together to create a conducive environment for investors to do business in Singapore.

The A*CAR taskforce is part of the MTI inter-agency initiative, ASIC (Automotive Supplier Industry Committee). It has partnered EDB, IE Singapore, SPRING, the seven A*STAR research institutes (DSI, I2R, IHPC, IME, IMRE, SERC and SIMTech) and two programmes (Energy and Fuel Cell). Mr. M Kumarasamy Raja who is a member of the taskforce contributed from IME's perspective by providing support on IME's capabilities relating to automotive and involving in research projects and discussions with companies in the industry. These efforts aim to attract automotive companies to carry out R&D activities and develop their new products with local suppliers. Four companies: Bosch, Delphi, Tata Automotive and Navteq have given Letters of Intent, giving in-principle agreement to join the A*CAR consortium.