27 Aug 2012

IME researchers were presented with the Best Paper Award in the Reliability category at the 19th International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA) held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Dr Vivek Chidambaram Nachiappan, has been invited to present the paper at the 23rd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis (ESREF), to be held from 1 – 5 Oct 2012 in Cagliari, Italy.

The paper titled “High Reliability Gold Based Solder Alloys for Microelectronics Packaging for High Temperature Application” by Vivek C. Nachiappan and team describes an in-depth study for evaluation of two different solder alloys for high temperature applications. Characterisation results show that the Gold-Germanium (Au-Ge) is superior to Gold-Silicon (Au-Si) for high temperature electronics applications. Findings from the study provide critical insights to realise electronics that perform reliably under high temperature operating environments.