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Patent Number Title Grant Date
Singapore Grants
201306772-3 Method and System for High Bandwidth Low Power Body Channel Communication 23-Mar-16
201306774-9 An Energy Harvesting Apparatus and a Method for Operating an Energy Harvesting Apparatus 26-Feb-16
SG 195509 Circuit Arrangements and Methods of Operating the Same 30-Apr-15
SG 193585 Method and Apparatus for a Duty-Cycled Harmonic Injection Locked Oscillator 23-Dec-14
SG 194165 Analog-to-Digital Converter 16-Dec-14
SG 185740 Phase Shift Keying Transmitter Circuit 13-Dec-13
SG 185739 Amplifier and Transceiver Including the Amplifier 13-Dec-13
SG 185706 An Analogue to Digital Converter, An Integrated Circuit and a Medical Device 13-Dec-13
SG 180364
A Transmitter with Modulation 15-May-13
SG 169591 Modulator, Demodulator and Modulator-Demodulator

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Patent Number Title Grant Date   
US Grants
US 9374090 Circuit Arrangement and Method of Operating the Same 21-Jun-16
US 9240690 Power Transfer Device 19-Jan-16 
US 8860442 Method of Determining a Sensitivity of a Biosensor Arrangement, and Biosensor Sensitivity Determining System 14-Oct-14
US 8823452
GM-Ratioed Amplifier 2-Sep-14
US 8725238 Electrocardiogram Signal Processing System
US 8508306 Relaxation Oscillator 13-Aug-13
US 8432174 Interrogation Circuit For A Nanowire Sensor Array And A Method For Interrogating A Nanowire Sensor Array 30-Apr-13
US 7286024 Voltage-controlled Oscillator with Differential Output 23-Oct-07
US 6054893 Low Current Differential Fuse Circuit 25-Apr-00
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