Research Highlights

Demonstration of Color Display Metasurfaces via Immersion Lithography on a 12-inch Silicon Wafer

Efficient and Broadband Polarization Rotator Using Horizontal Slot Waveguide for Silicon Photonics

Ultra-compact CMOS Compatible TE-Pass Polarizer for Silicon Photonics

A Subharmonic Up-Conversion Mixer for System-on-Package Application

A Thermal Isolation Technique for Three-Dimensional ICs

Aluminium Nitride Lamb-Wave Resonators for High Power, High Frequency Applications

New Sensor to Detect Bladder Cancer Biomarkers

A NEMS Optical Switch Driven by Optical Gradient Force

Ultra-fine Pitch (6 um) of Recessed and Bonded Cu-Cu Interconnects by 3D Wafer Stacking

Polarization Splitter Using Hybrid Dielectric Surface Plasmonic Waveguide

A Process-Induced-Frequency-Drift Resilient 32 KHz MEMS Resonator

Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) Based Tilt Sensors

A Transmitter/Receiver Chipset with On-Chip Antennas for Terahertz Applications

Label-Free Aptamer Sensor Based on Si Micro-Ring Resonators

An Inductively Powered Implantable Blood Flow Sensor Microsystem for Vascular Grafts

310 GHz Gain-Bandwidth Ge/Si Avalanche Photodetector

Ultra Compact Plasmonic Resonators for Optical Communication

Modeling Methodology for Reducing Wafer Warpage in 3D IC

Piezoresistive Stress Sensors for In-Situ Monitoring of Wafer Bumping

Metallic Hermetic Sealing for MEMS Packaging in Harsh Environments

Optimization of NEMS Pressure Sensors

Thermoelectric Power Generator

Thermal Independent and Sensitive Biosensor

U-Shape NEM Switch for Ultra-Low Power Logic Applications

Compact High-Gain Millimeter-Wave Antenna for TSV-Based System-in-Package Application

Reliability of Au-Ge and Au-Si Eutectic Solder Alloys for High-Temperature Electronics

The Shuttle NEM Non-Volatile Memory

Thermal Independent Biophotonic Sensor

Cu-Based Nanoplasmonic Waveguide for Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuit

Novel CMOS-Compatible and Cost-Effective Method to Fabricate Silicon-Based Sub-Nanometre Waveguide

Implantable Polyimide Cable for Multichannel High-Data-Rate Neural Recording Microsystems

Novel Transmitter Design for Biomedical Applications

Effect of Wafer Back Grinding on Low K Wafers

A Self-Contained Microsystem for Fast, On-Site RNA Extraction

Novel Twin-Gate Design Paves Way for Ultra Low Power 3D Devices

MEMS Diaphragm Offers Fresh Insights on Si Nanowires

Medical Diagnostics: Quick Blood Testing

Si Optical Modulator: Low Loss, High Speed, CMOS-Compatible

Better Pressure Sensing in a Different Mode

Telecommunications: Perfecting Plastic

FUSI: Gateway to Integration

Junctionless SONOS Memory: Seamless Storage

Thermoelectric Power Generator: A Cool Chip

Microfluidics for Encapsulation: Pinball Style

Optical and Electrical Interconnect: Linking Up

Biosensors: Spotting Abdominal Lesions

Heart Monitoring On-the-Go

Solar Cells: Pillars of Light

Photonics: Double Twist

Microtechnology: An Alignment Assignment

Biosensors: A Handy Kit

Photonics: A More Sensitive Device

Biosensors: Hormonal Attractions

Photonics: Better Optical Fibre Networks

Microtechnology: Miniature Magnetic Switches

Microfluidics: A Thousand Captures at a Time

Optics: Mastering Bandwidth

Microfabrication: The Power of Heat

Silicon Nanowires: Pressure Sensors Get a Boost

Microfluidics: A Step in the Right Direction

Photonics: Silicon Steps Up

Silicon Photonics: Brought Into Line

Silicon Photonics: A New Twist on Light

A*STAR IME Develops Silicon-based 135 GHz Circuit Technology For Future Generation Wireless Communications

A*STAR IME Heralds Personalised Therapy For Cancer Patients With Faster And Cheaper Test

Health Monitoring: A Lasting Impact

Semiconductor Processing: Stress Management

Wireless Networks: Radios Go Wide

Solar Cells: An Optimal Harvest

Biosensors: Heart of the Matter

Faster Treatment of Heart Patients With A Finger Prick of Blood: New Bedside Tool To Detect Rare Endothelial Progenitor Cells

IME Joins Efforts To Fight Infectious Diseases With All-In-One Diagnostic Test For Point-Of-Care Deployment

A New Era In Cardiac Health diagnostics With Silicon-based Integrated System