A Self-Contained Microsystem for Fast, On-Site RNA Extraction

IME researchers have developed a microsystem for ribonucleic acid (RNA) extraction. The microsystem comprises reagent and waste reservoirs, microfluidic channels, as well as an RNA extraction device in an isolated cartridge. The microsystem successfully extracted 50 pfu of dengue RNA from virus culture in 30 min, competitive with conventional QIAmp Viral RNA extraction method. The self-contained feature of the microsystem minimises the risk of cross contamination during the critical extraction step to preserve sample integrity for improved subsequent processing. Further integration of additional nucleic acid amplification and/or detection functions enables the realisation of fast and accurate on-site diagnosis of RNA-based infectious diseases.


Li Zhang et. al., “A Self-contained Disposable Cartridge Microsystem for Dengue Viral Ribonucleic Acid Extraction," Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 160, Pg. 1557 - 1564, 2011