Compact High-Gain Millimeter-Wave Antenna for TSV-Based System-in-Package Application

IME researchers have developed a compact on-chip antenna for high speed millimetre-wave communication applications. The antenna consists of a radiation slot and a cavity filled with polymer instead of air. The antenna demonstrated 30 times improvement in signal transmission characteristics and more than 2 times wider operation bandwidth compared to the conventional on-chip antennas. Together with a proposed TSV-based architecture, this antenna can be efficiently integrated with millimetre-wave integrated circuits (ICs) to realise a high-speed wireless system-in-package transceiver with small form factor, high performance, and low electromagnetic interference.


Hu Sanming et. al., “Compact High-Gain mmWave Antenna for TSV-Based System-in Package Application," IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 2, pg 841 – 846, 2012