Demonstration of Color Display Metasurfaces via Immersion Lithography on a 12-inch Silicon Wafer

IME's advanced optics program has successfully fabricated color display metasurfaces on a 12-inch silicon wafer by immersion lithography technology on complementary metal-oxide (CMOS) line. By tailoring the critical dimension (CD) of the metasurface elements, the device (picture on left) shows its display in red, green and blue (RGB) colors due to their resonance modes and reflection of the lights at the resonance wavelengths. 193nm ArF deep UV immersion lithography is used for metasurface patterning instead of electron beam lithography. This enables metasurface elements with CD below 100nm and good uniformity to be achieved. This technology greatly improves the efficiency while keeping a high resolution, making it highly suitable for mass manufacturing. The achievement was reported for the first time in the prestigious journal, Optics Express, in which it was also selected as an Editor's Pick.

Reference Paper
Ting Hu, Chih-Kuo Tseng, Yuan Hsing Fu, Zhengji Xu, Yuan Dong, Shijie Wang, Keng Heng Lai, Vladimir Bliznetsov, Shiyang Zhu, Qunying Lin, and Yuandong Gu, “Demonstration of color display metasurfaces via immersion lithography on a 12-inch silicon wafer, ” Optics Express 26, 19548 (2018).

An online version of the paper is available from OSA Publishing