Microfluidics for Encapsulation: Pinball Style

IME researchers have developed a novel microfluidics technique which uses micropillars to generate and encapsulate polyelectrolyte microcapsules. With the proposed technique, the deposition of three bi-layers of polyelectrolytes was demonstrated in less than 3 minutes, significantly faster than conventional bulky methods that take up to several hours. The set-up is simple in design, scalable and uses a fraction of the chemical consumption required. The new technique is suitable for biomedical and food processing applications involving drug encapsulation and food emulsification, respectively.


Chaitanya Kantak et. al., "A 'microfluidic pinball' for on-chip generation of Layer-by-Layer polyelectrolyte microcapsules," Lab Chip, Vol 11, Pg 1030 - 1035, 201