Polarization Splitter Using Hybrid Dielectric Surface Plasmonic Waveguide

As integrated photonic devices continue to move to small waveguide dimension, polarization-dependent dispersion and loss take on greater significance that are not desirable. This paper describes the design, development and demonstration of a novel polarization splitter based on plasmonic waveguides. The splitter is fabricated on silicon-on-insulator platform using standard CMOS technology. The splitter is capable of achieving >15 dB extinction ratio with <0.5 dB insertion loss. Measuring at just 6.5 um, the splitter is ideal for densely integrated photonic circuits.
1.    Jingyee Chee et. al., “Polarization Splitter Using Hybrid Dielectric Surface Plasmonic Waveguide”, Optics Express, Vol. 20, Iss. 23, Pg. 25345 - 25355, 2012