Si Optical Modulator: Low Loss, High Speed, CMOS-Compatible

IME researchers have developed a silicon optical modulator for long haul communications. By counter doping the regions outside of the active modulation region, both switching speed and modulation efficiency are minimally affected. The new silicon modulator has demonstrated a loss.efficiency figure of merit (FOM) of 19.4 dB.V, which is competitive with that of Lithium Niobate modulators (20 dB.V) that currently dominate this market segment. The new silicon modulator offers significant cost advantages as it is CMOS-compatible and allows high monolithic integration capability.


Xiaoguang Tu et. al., “Fabrication of low loss and high speed silicon optical modulator using doping compensation method," Optics Express, Vol. 19, Pg. 18029 - 18035, 2011