Telecommunications: Perfecting Plastic

IME researchers have developed a pluggable large core step index plastic optical fibre (POF) for high data transmission in ultra short reach networks. The new POF uses tapered fibre tips as built-in conditioners, which together with the insertion of plug-in modules, enables transmission of 2.5 Gb/s of data – 17x faster transmission rate than conventional large core step-index POF technology. Compared to multimodal glass fibre solutions used in today’s telecom short range networks, IME’s POF offers faster data rate, increased flexibility and reduced maintenance costs for ultra short reach networks.


J. Chandrappan et. al., “A Pluggable Large Core Step Index Plastic Optical Fiber with Built-In Mode Conditioners for Gigabit Ultra Short Reach Networks," IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, Vol 33, Pg 868 - 875, 2010