Thermal Independent Biophotonic Sensor

IME researchers have developed a sensitive photonic biosensor. The biosensor design is composed of a cascaded Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) structure based on novel silicon nitride slot waveguides. By exploiting the inherent ability of the slot waveguide to confine light into nanometer precision, the biosensor demonstrated negligible thermal dependence of (<5 pm/oC) to provide 50% lower detection limit than similar biosensors reported. This translates to a sensitivity enhancement factor of 8.38. The biosensor is fabricated by CMOS processes, making it an ideal candidate for affordable and sensitive semiconductor-based biomedical diagnostic applications.


Xiaoguang Tu et. al., “Thermal Independent Silicon-Nitride Slot Waveguide Biosensor with High Sensitivity," Optics Express, Vol 20, pg 2640-2648, 2012