Ultra Compact Plasmonic Resonators for Optical Communication

This paper describes the performance of ultra compact plasmonic waveguide ring resonators (WRR) fabricated on a Cu-based waveguide using CMOS technology. A WRR with 2.59-mm radius exhibits excellent performances such as insertion loss of ~0.1 dB, extinction ratio of ~12.8 dB, free spectral range of ~47 nm, and quality factor of ~275. The small form factor and CMOS-compatibility of the proposed WRRs are highly promising for seamless integration of key building blocks in silicon based electronics photonics integrated circuits (EPICs) used in optical communication devices.
Shiyang Zhu et. al., “Performance of Ultracompact Copper-Capped Silicon Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide-Ring Resonators at Telecom Wavelengths”,Optics Express, Vol. 20, Iss 14, Pg 15232 - 15246, 2012