IME Multiple-Projects Wafer (MPW) is a one-stop solution for low cost prototying and low volume production. Designs from multiple customers are combinedinto one mask set and wafer lot. This allows costs to be shared across a number of program participants and provides a cost-effective method for prototype and proof-of-concept silicon.

The following MPW services are available at IME:
Benefits to Users
Enable Product Improvement and Creation of New Products and Applications
-Access toinnovative technologies
- Flexibility to customize special design requirement ifrequired

Facilitate Your Product Development With these Advantages
- Lower cost
- Shorten time-to-market
- Improved cycle time of the project
- Proof-of-concept prototyping

- Resident expertise in design, process / integrationtechnology and packaging / assembly
- 3000m2 of clean rooms
- 200mm and 300mm engineering lines
- Advanced wafer-level-packaging technologyplatforms
- Complete material and failure analysis, and reliability testing

IP Protection and Customer Confidentiality
- IME is committed to protect customer's IP andconfidentiality

ISO 9001:2008 certified