R & D Fab

IME’s R&D Fab offers a broad range of services to our customers to meet the mounting R&D needs of the semiconductor industry and related industries. We collaborate with chipmakers, equipment and materials suppliers, universities, and companies working in emerging technologies, to test new designs,integration methodologies, and prototype systems in a manufacturing environment, leveraging the experience, facilities and tools already in place in the fab. Our model provides a cost-competitive process development infrastructure in a manufacturing-like fab environment, enabling the accelerated commercialization of proof of concepts into real, manufacturing-ready technology  solutions.

IME’s R&D fab is located in-house and provides 3715m2 of cleanroom space    for  the research and development of MEMS, microelectronics nanotechnology,  photonic and bioelectronics applications.


300mm Si-based TSV Fab

200mm Si-based Wafer Processing