IME Research Highlights

 12 July 2021

3D Stacking Paves Way For Smaller, Power-packed Computing Chips
 6 May 2021

How Radio Frequency Harvesting Can Power the Tracking of Wheelchairs and More
 1 December 2020

Methodologies for material characterization, modelling, and non-destructive fault localization to enhance quality and reliability of 2.5D IC packages
 9 September 2020

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging for next Generation mmWave Antenna in Package Applications
 24 April 2020

Novel AI Chip Design platform 
19 July 2018

Demonstration of Color Display Metasurfaces via Immersion Lithography on a 12-inch Silicon Wafer
30 June 2013

Efficient and Broadband Polarization Rotator Using Horizontal Slot Waveguide for Silicon Photonics 
15 June 2013

Ultra-compact CMOS Compatible TE-Pass Polarizer for Silicon Photonics
30 May 2013

A Subharmonic Up-Conversion Mixer for System-on-Package Application
15 May 2013

A Thermal Isolation Technique for Three-Dimensional ICs
30 May 2013

Aluminium Nitride Lamb-Wave Resonators for High Power, High Frequency Applications
15 April 2013

New Sensor to Detect Bladder Cancer Biomarkers
31 March 2013

A NEMS Optical Switch Driven by Optical Gradient Force
15 March 2013

Ultra-fine Pitch (6 um) of Recessed and Bonded Cu-Cu Interconnects by 3D Wafer Stacking
28 February 2013

Polarization Splitter Using Hybrid Dielectric Surface Plasmonic Waveguide
15 February 2013

A Process-Induced-Frequency-Drift Resilient 32 KHz MEMS Resonator
30 January 2013

Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) Based Tilt Sensors
15 January 2013

A Transmitter/Receiver Chipset with On-Chip Antennas for Terahertz Applications
30 December 2012

Label-Free Aptamer Sensor Based on Si Micro-Ring Resonators
15 December 2012

An Inductively Powered Implantable Blood Flow Sensor Microsystem for Vascular Grafts
30 November 2012

310 GHz Gain-Bandwidth Ge/Si Avalanche Photodetector
15 November 2012

Ultra Compact Plasmonic Resonators for Optical Communication
31 October 2012

Modeling Methodology for Reducing Wafer Warpage in 3D IC
15 October 2012

Piezoresistive Stress Sensors for In-Situ Monitoring of Wafer Bumping
30 September 2012

Metallic Hermetic Sealing for MEMS Packaging in Harsh Environments
15 September 2012

Optimization of NEMS Pressure Sensorss
30 August 2012

Thermoelectric Power Generator
15 August 2012

Thermal Independent and Sensitive Biosensor
30 July 2012

U-Shape NEM Switch for Ultra-Low Power Logic Applications
15 July 2012

Compact High-Gain Millimeter-Wave Antenna for TSV-Based System-in-Package Application
01 June 2012

Reliability of Au-Ge and Au-Si Eutectic Solder Alloys for High-Temperature Electronics
01 June 2012

The Shuttle NEM Non-Volatile Memory
01 May 2012

Thermal Independent Biophotonic Sensor
01 May 2012

Cu-Based Nanoplasmonic Waveguide for Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuit
01 April 2012

Novel CMOS-Compatible and Cost-Effective Method to Fabricate Silicon-Based Sub-Nanometre Waveguide
01 April 2012

Implantable Polyimide Cable for Multichannel High-Data-Rate Neural Recording Microsystems
01 March 2012

Novel Transmitter Design for Biomedical Applications
01 March 2012

Effect of Wafer Back Grinding on Low K Wafers
01 February 2012

A Self-Contained Microsystem for Fast, On-Site RNA Extractions
01 February 2012

Novel Twin-Gate Design Paves Way for Ultra Low Power 3D Devices
01 January 2012

MEMS Diaphragm Offers Fresh Insights on Si Nanowires
01 January 2012

Medical Diagnostics: Quick Blood Testing
01 December 2011

Si Optical Modulator: Low Loss, High Speed, CMOS-Compatible
01 December 2011

Better Pressure Sensing in a Different Mode
01 November 2011

Telecommunications: Perfecting Plastic
01 November 2011

FUSI: Gateway to Integration
01 October 2011

Junctionless SONOS Memory: Seamless Storage
01 October 2011

Thermoelectric Power Generator: A Cool Chip
01 September 2011

Microfluidics for Encapsulation: Pinball Style
01 September 2011

Optical and Electrical Interconnect: Linking Up
01 August 2011

Biosensors: Spotting Abdominal Lesions
01 August 2011

Heart Monitoring On-the-Go
01 July 2011

Solar Cells: Pillars of Light
01 July 2011

Photonics: Double Twist
01 June 2011

Microtechnology: An Alignment Assignment
01 June 2011

Biosensors: A Handy Kit
01 May 2011

Photonics: A More Sensitive Device
01 May 2011

Biosensors: Hormonal Attractions
01 April 2011

Photonics: Better Optical Fibre Networks
01 April 2011

Microtechnology: Miniature Magnetic Switches
01 March 2011

Microfluidics: A Thousand Captures at a Time
01 March 2011

Optics: Mastering Bandwidth
01 February 2011

Microfabrication: The Power of Heat
01 February 2011

Silicon Nanowires: Pressure Sensors Get a Boost
01 January 2011

Microfluidics: A Step in the Right Direction
01 January 2011

Photonics: Silicon Steps Up
01 December 2010

Silicon Photonics: Brought Into Line
01 December 2010

Silicon Photonics: A New Twist on Light
23 November 2010

A*STAR IME Develops Silicon-based 135 GHz Circuit Technology For Future Generation Wireless Communications
3 November 2010

A*STAR IME Heralds Personalised Therapy For Cancer Patients With Faster And Cheaper Test
1 November 2010

Health Monitoring: A Lasting Impact
1 November 2010

Semiconductor Processing: Stress Management
1 November 2010

Wireless Networks: Radios Go Wide
1 October 2010

Solar Cells: An Optimal Harvest
1 October 2010

Biosensors: Heart of the Matter
7 June 2010

Faster Treatment of Heart Patients With A Finger Prick of Blood: New Bedside Tool To Detect Rare Endothelial Progenitor Cells
2 March 2010

IME Joins Efforts To Fight Infectious Diseases With All-In-One Diagnostic Test For Point-Of-Care Deployment
8 December 2010

A New Era In Cardiac Health diagnostics With Silicon-based Integrated System