Exploiting Chemical Instabilities to Drive Rapid Chemical Transport for Enhanced Chemical Sensing

Event Date: 19 Jun 2017 (Monday) - 19 Jun 2017 (Monday)

Kinesis Building, Seminar Room 3, Level 7

Time :03:00 - 05:00

Prof. Paul V. Braun
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Host: Dr. Tan Wui Siew, Polymeric Department, IMRE

Chemical instabilities enable systems to store energy, and when triggered, release energy quickly to accomplish productive work. Elastic instabilities for example are the reason the Venus flytrap is able to snap close fast enough to capture an insect. Chemical instabilities are what enable nerves to rapidly carry information through the body. While chemical instabilities are commonly exploited in biology, they have not been significantly considered for synthetic systems. The speaker will be presenting on how to use chemical instabilities to drive long-range chemical transport through swollen polymer films, at rates far exceeding conventional diffusive transport which may provide a new a paradigm for enhanced chemical sensing.

Prof. Paul V. Braun received his B.S. degree with distinction from Cornell University, and his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Illinois. Following a postdoctoral appointment at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, he joined the faculty at Illinois. Prof. Braun’s research focuses on the synthesis and properties of 3D architectures with a focus on materials with unique optical, electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical properties. He is the recipient of the Young Alumnus Award (2011), the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award (2010), the Stanley H. Pierce Faculty Award (2010), Beckman Young Investigator Award (2001), a 3M Nontenured Faculty Award, the 2002 Robert Lansing Hardy Award from TMS, the Xerox Award for Faculty Research (2004, 2009), and multiple teaching awards. In 2006, he was named a University Scholar by the University of Illinois, and in 2011 was named the Ivan Racheff Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.


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