Controlling Light on the Nanoscale

Event Date: 31 Jul 2017 (Monday) - 31 Jul 2017 (Monday)

Kinesis Building, Seminar Room 2, Level 6

Time :10:00 - 11:00

Prof. Sir John Pendry 
The Blackett Lab, Imperial College London

Host: Dr. Teng Jinghua (Strategic Research Office, IMRE)


Our intuitive understanding of light has its foundation in the ray approximation and is intimately connected with our vision: as far as our eyes are concerned light behaves like a stream of particles. In this talk, the speaker will be sharing insights about the wavelength and the study of the properties of plasmonic structures with dimensions of just a few nanometres: a tenth or even a hundredth of the wavelength of visible light, where the ray picture fails utterly. He will also be demonstrating how the new concept of transformation optics (that manipulates electric and magnetic field lines rather than rays) can provide an equally intuitive understanding of sub wavelength phenomena and at the same time be an exact description at the level of Maxwell’s equations. The concepts which can be applied to a number of plasmonic structures, will also be discussed.


Prof. Sir John Pendry works at Imperial College London. He researches electromagnetic ‘metamaterials’ whose properties owe more to their micro-structure than to the constituent materials and make accessible completely novel materials with properties not found in nature. In 2006, he collaborated with Duke University and deployed the technique of ‘transformation optics’ to design a cloak to hide an arbitrary objects from electromagnetic fields. The simplicity of the new concepts together with their radical consequences have caught the imagination of the world’s media generating much positive publicity for science in general.



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