The 3rd IMRE Hybrid Thermoelectric Materials International Workshop

Event Date: 05 Dec 2018 (Wednesday) - 05 Dec 2018 (Wednesday)

Kinesis Building, Seminar Room 3, Level 7

Time :10:00 - 03:30

This thermoelectric workshop aims to provide a platform for the local and international researchers to brainstorm and discuss novel ideas, design, synthesis routes and physical principles for next generation organic-inorganic hybrid thermoelectric materials.

 Time  Programme
09:45 am- 10:00am     Arrival of Guest Speakers and participants
10:00 am-
10:15 am
Opening Address by Prof. Dennis Polla
10:15 am-
10:45 am
 Prof. Alberto Salleo, Stanford University
Topic: Organic Conducting Polymers, morphology and doping
10:45 am-
11:15 am
 Dr. Kedar Hippalgaonkar, IMRE, A*STAR
Topic: Density of States and Energy dependent scattering in conjugated polymers and their hybrids
11:15 am-
11:45 am
 Prof. Martin Heeney, Imperial College of London
Topic: Doping High Mobility Polymers and their Blends for Field-Effect Transistor Applications
 11:45 am-
 1:00 pm
 Lunch Time and Break
1:00 pm-
1.30 pm
Prof. Alex Yan Qingyu, NTU
Topic: Multiphased Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
1.30 pm-
2.00 pm
Prof. Yan Yonggao, Wuhan University of Technology
Topic: Multi-Scale Microstructural Thermoelectric Materials: Transport Behavior, Non-equilibrium Preparation, and Applications
2.00 pm-
2.30 pm
Dr. Xu Jianwei, IMRE, A*STAR
Topic: Hybrid Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
2.30 pm-
3.00 pm
Tea Break and Networking Session
3.00 pm-
3.30 pm
Dr. Yang Shuowang, IHPC, A*STAR
Topic: Theoretical Predications on Coordination Polymers for High-Performance Thermoelectric Applications
3.30 pm  End of Guest Speakers' sessions

Dress code: Office attire
Registration* is free

*Walk-in registration

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