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Flexible screen breakthrough (STRAITS TIMES, Digital Life)

Published on : 27 Mar, 2013

Excerpt from Straits Times, Digital Life section issue 27 March 2013:

American materials company Cima Nanotech, which based its global headquarters in Singapore in 2008, is currently working with local research agency A*Star's Institute of Materials Research and Engineering to create a coating that, when used on materials such as plastic, will give it similar touchscreen properties as glass...
This makes it more easily applied to existing materials, such as plastic, which is more flexible than glass. And the improved conductivity and transparency provided by Sante are crucial to large flexible screens. Still, the partnership between Cima Nanotech and A*Star is on improving a display's flexibility and responsiveness, and not on making new types of flexible displays, he emphasised. Instead, both are leveraging on each other's expertise to develop new market applications. "The final goal is to create cheaper, flexible, more eco-friendly and sustainable products," said Dr Zhang Jie, lead scientist for the institute's printed electronics initiative.

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