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Top talent in Science and Technology recognised for contributions to Singapore's economic growth

Published on : 18 Oct, 2016

IMRE scientist, Dr Benjamin C.K. Tee was one of the award recipients of the Young Scientist Award (YSA) 2016. The award was given during an award ceremony at the President’s Science and Technology Awards (PSTA) 2016 on 18 Oct.  Dr Tee was commended for his research in artificial skin – next-generation sensor technologies for human-machine interfaces, robots and healthcare. 

Two of IMRE’s joint-staff were also honoured at the PSTA. Professor Liu Bin was awarded the President’s Technology Award (PTA) for her outstanding research on organic nanomaterials for environmental and biomedical applications. Associate Professor Liu Xiaogang was awarded the President’s Science Award (PSA) for his outstanding research in developing rare-earth-doped nanocrystals that could be used as luminous tags for tracking cancer cells and deciphering various biologically relevant phenomena. 

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