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Technology Transfer

First made-in-Singapore tool for advanced manufacturing of nano-sized structures enables local company to compete globally

Local precision equipment manufacturer Solves Innovative Technology Pte Ltd, together with IMRE and DSI, built a machine capable of producing nanometer-size components and in wafer-scale volumes, for a host of applications in consumer electronics such as hard disk media and optical storage media. The new mass-production nanoimprinter is tipped to be faster and more accurate.


Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd - Developing and marketing world-class barrier films

Devices like organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and solar cells are sensitive to moisture because water and oxygen molecules seep past the protective plastic layer over time and degrade the organic materials that form the core of these products. Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd has taken the innovative approach to resolve the inherent 'pore effect' by literally plugging the defects in the barrier oxide films using nanoparticles. This makes it 1000 times more effective at keeping out moisture than commercially available films. On 25 August 09, Tera-Barrier Films is launched by Dr Mark Auch (CEO) and Mr Senthil Ramadas (CTO) with investment from Applied Ventures to commercialise moisture-resistant films for plastic electronics.

Microneedles Technologies Pte Ltd - IMRE's spin-off with Sumitomo Corporation Asia

The potential for mass production and the unique microneedle designs were the reasons for Micropoint Technologies, an IMRE spin-off for microneedles with partner, Sumitomo Corporation Asia. A licensing agreement was signed with ETPL on 15 August 2008. The new range of patented microneedles can be made from plastics, silicon or metal, and come in a variety of designs, like those with side-ports that allow for smoother drug delivery and bodily fluid extraction as opposed to regular microneedles that have only a single opening at the tip.

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Singular ID Pte Ltd (now Bilcare Technologies) - Unique micro and nano-sized 'fingerprints'

Using a blend of micro and nanotechnology, scientists invented nano-sized tags containing unique “fingerprints” that help combat counterfeit goods. Practically irreproducible, and yet inexpensive to manufacture, these tags can be used in a wide range of articles including pharmaceutical packaging, luxury goods such as watches and handbags, and automotive and aviation spare parts. Singular ID Pte Ltd was spun-off in 2005 and received many accolades and technology awards. It was acquired by a multinational company, Bilcare Ltd., in December 2007 for some S$19 million.

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