Mould Fabrication Services

Mould fabrication services for ASTAR Nanoimprint Foundry

The A*STAR Nanoimprint Foundry provides mould fabrication solutions and services for high quality and high resolution Nickel mould to support nanoimprinting application. It has the support from other Foundry members such as the then Data Storage Institute (DSI) and Institute of Microelectronics (IME) to generate lithography patterning of densely pack features down to 200nm on an 8 inch wafer size and then translated into a well define Nickel shim by electroforming technique. It also has the capability of patterning feature size down to 50nm via the Electron Beam lithography technique which can also be replicated into a Nickel mould. The size of the Nickel mould at present is only up to 8 inch in diameter, we are expanding our Nickel shim are to include 12 inch wafer size and up to 500mm square area with an inclusion of a new electroplating station at the new cleanroom in Fusionopolis and this is mainly for large area roll-to-roll nanoimprinting. At the same, the Foundry has added a new capability of making Nickel and Hybrid Nickel inserts for Nano-and Micro injection moulding manufacturing.

5 core services of mould fabrication

1. Standard mould - simple structure such as puts, pillars, holes, gratings and pyramidal not less than 200nm in critical dimension.

2. Customised complex 3D Nickel mould based on dual imprinting approach or greyscale lithography.

3. Larger scale Nickel shim fabrication (up to 500mm square) for large roll-to-roll nanoimprinting.

4. Stitching Nickel mould for scaling up of the mould area and multiple array of myriad mould designs to form Milti-ARchitectural Chip (MARC) design for biological bacterial and cellular studies.

5. Fabrication of Nickel and Hybrid Nickel inserts with additional of hardness coating on the feature surface for durability which can be applied to Nano- and Micro Injection Moulding.

Last update : 11/19/2018 4:04:21 PM