Industrial Coating and Packaging Consortium (ICAP)


A leading consortium to drive innovations in industrial coating and packaging in Singapore.


To conduct pre-competitive research in industrial coating and packaging and to foster the sharing and transfer of platform technologies through synergistic partnerships.


The Industrial Coating And Packaging (ICAP) Consortium is a platform that helps companies reduce R&D risks and investments in new coating and packaging technologies by synergistically pooling R&D resources in pre-competitive projects. By doing so, companies can enhance and build new capabilities that will enable new product development or improve existing products and processes. Manufacturers need to keep abreast of new coating and packaging technologies and process developments that can help them meet the current challenges and requirements.

Benefits of Joining ICAP
  • Pool Resources - Synergistic pooling of R&D resources to achieve common goal by reducing R&D risks and investments.
  • Access to Advanced R&D - Access to advanced coating technologies and packaging technologies in a platform conducive for solving technical and fundamental problems at the pre-competitive level.
  • Competitive Advantage - The latest in coating and packaging technologies enhances core competencies and competitive advantage.
  • Networking - The consortium creates technology and business networking opportunities with along the entire length of the coating and packaging industry value chain.

Hierarchically Layered Polymer Composite - Transparent, Firmer and More Impermeable.
Atomic Layer Deposition - Precise and Highly Uniform Thin Films that Mould to Fit Any Shape.
UV Curable Hybrid Hard Coating - Abrasion and Scratch-Resistant Hard Coatings.
Heat Shielding and Sound Attenuation Coatings
Hybrid Polymer Composite Coating with Cathodic Protection Filler - Highest Level of Protection in the Deepest Seas.

For further info, please contact:

Linda Howe
Senior Industrial Development Manager, Industry Development Office
DID: 64168980

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