Nanomaterials (NMA)

R&D capabilities in nanomaterials, covering inorganic and organic nanomaterials, as well as their composites, is the main focus of the NMA department. Their core expertise include developing rational design, wet-chemical synthesis, surface nanoengineering, functionalisation, and polymer and inorganic nano-assemblies.By implementing novel synthetic approaches, the department seeks to understand structure-property relationships and scalable processing technologies that will lead to a broad range of nanosized and nanostructured materials with precisely-controlled composition, morphology, physical properties, and functionalities. The developed technologies can be potentially translated in key industries, including MedTech, food & nutrition, packaging, environment, personal care, and pharmabio.

Fact sheets:
Silk-based Technology Skin Care
Nanomaterials that sense bacteria
Flexible nanosensors that detect food contaminants

Department Head: Dr. Su Xiao Di


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