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Patent Filed

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Stimuli-responsive interpolymer complex coated hollow silica vesicles


Method for synthesis of cationic brush-like poly(PEG/PPG/DMAEMA) copolymers and their use for hair/skin care formulations

3 Ionic strength responsive polymer grafted silica particles
4 Stimulus-responsive core-shell particles
5 Non-toxic CO2 responsive polymer grafted hollow silica for delivery of active compounds
6 Hybrid nanocrystalline nanocarriers for delivery of actives
7 Simple synthesis for hexagonal silica platelets 
8 Dermal treating facial mask 
Mechano-reponsive and self-healing lignin hydrogels and their preparation method

Novel method for chemical modification of polyglycerol sebacate (PGS) to produce multi-armed brush polymers

11 Free-standing alkaline polymer gel electrolyte and method of making the same
12 The synthesis of multiarm poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate] (PHB) and its derivatives

Patent Granted

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1 Hollow silica particle with a polymer thereon                                                                                                           

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