Sensors & Transducers Programme

Patents Filed

S/No. Patent Title
1  “Braille Electronic Book”A V Sadovoy. Application filed. 

Patents Granted

S/No. Patent Title
1 “Piezoelectric sensors and methods for fabricating piezoelectric sensors”, K Yao, C Y Tan, A S Gaunekar, and P N H Yu.  Licensed.                     
2 “Miniaturized piezoelectric accelerometers”,  K Yao, S Shanmugavel, T D Luong, A S Gaunekar, and P H Y Ng.  Licensed.
3 “Ultraviolet (UV) detectors”, K Yao, B K Gan, and S C Lai. Licensed.
“Thin film photovoltaic devices”, K Yao, S Shannigrahi, M Chen, and B K Gan. Licensed. 
5 “Ferroelectric ceramics with low sintering temperature”K Yao and B K Gan. Licensed.
6  “Conjugated polymer based fluorescent organic dots with tunable surface functionality and comparable sizes to quantum dots and methods of using the same for long term cell tracing”, K Li, B Liu, J Liu, G Feng. Licensed.

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