Programmes & Centres


Our interdisciplinary research is harnessed to form various research programmes that have high application potential in relevant industry niches.

Consumer Care Technology Programme

The science of colloids, interfaces and biology to create new materials and formulations for consumer care products, from moisturisers to perfumes.

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Sensors & Transducers Programme

Explores signal and energy conversion mechanisms in smart materials and nanostructures, and spearheads research in material-critical sensors and transducers with unique features and improved performance.

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Biomimetic and Bio-inspired materials Programme

The cross-disciplinary research laboratory aims to employ nature’s molecular tools with synthetic biomolecular design principles to create new bio-inspired material platforms, with a focus on deciphering the molecular building blocks of living organisms on which to engineer the next generation of functional materials for a wide range of applications, using environmentally friendly means of synthesis.

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Functional Surfaces Programme

Surfaces and interfaces are key parts of all material objects that play a decisive role in their functional properties. Dynamic surface-fluid interactions control various wetting phenomena, from superwetting, superhydrophobicity to superoleophobicity. Importantly, surface interactions are of immense interest in biology, where biomaterial surfaces interact with complex mixtures of proteins, cells, viruses and other living organisms. This lab seeks to deepen our understanding of complex soft surface interactions and enable the design and fabrication of surfaces that can interact with fluids, cells or biological media in a predetermined, customised manner.

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A*STAR Nanoimprint Foundry

To partner companies in developing solutions using nanoimprint technology, by focusing on development, translational and manufacturing solutions.

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