Programmes & Centres


Our interdisciplinary research is harnessed to form various research programmes that have high application potential in relevant industry niches.

Consumer Care Technology Programme

Harnessing the science of colloids, interfaces and biology to create new materials and formulations for consumer care products, from moisturisers to perfumes.

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Sensors & Transducers Programme

To explore signal and energy conversion mechanisms in smart materials and nanostructures, and spearhead research in material-critical sensors and transducers with unique features and improved performance.

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Quantum Technologies for Engineering Programme

To demonstrate a scalable approach to the realisation of multiple logic qubit gates for quantum computation. 

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Spin Technology for Electronic Devices (SpEED)

To harness spin physics’ potential in three main directions: Spin Transfer Torque, Spin-Orbit and Skyrmionic Technologies.

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A*STAR Nanoimprint Foundry

To partner with companies in developing solutions using nanoimprint technology, by focusing on development, translational and manufacturing solutions.

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