Biomimetic and Bio-inspired materials Programme

Biological systems have inspired many human creations and innovations. This program focuses on deciphering the engineering principles of Nature by emulating the intrinsic functions of biological molecules to direct 1) nanomaterial synthesis, 2) molecular recognition and 3) self-assembly processes to develop next generation bioinspired materials and devices that are multifunctional and sustainable. We collaborate with engineers, biologists and clinical investigators to solve interdisciplinary biological problems and translate these technologies into commercial products for biomedical applications in sensing, imaging, drug screening, delivery and theranostics.

Types/ examples of research done

Biomimetic Materials for Green Synthesis, Biorecognition, and Programmable Assembly

Biomedical Materials for Sensing, Imaging, Drug Screening, Delivery and Theranostics


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Key Members:

Programme Manager:
Dr Tan Yen Nee

Team Members:
Yu Yong
Zheng Xinting
Beverly Mok

Prof Sir David P. Lane (P53 Lab)
Dr Farid John Ghadessy (P53 Lab)
Dr Lim Chin Yan (IMB)
Prof Laurent RÉNIA (SIgN)
Dr Lisa Ng (SIgN)
Prof Liu Bin (NUS)
Dr Xie Jianping (NUS)
Prof Xing Bengang (NTU)
Prof Lim Tock Han (Clinician, TTSH)
Dr Rupesh Agrawal (Clinician, TTSH)


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