Consumer Care Technology Programme

The science of colloids, interfaces and biology to create new materials and formulations for consumer care products, from moisturisers to perfumes.

Functional Polymers

  • Colloid structures, properties and relationships to understand complex colloids structures and effects on hair and skin care performances.
  • Cost effective formulations and synthetic biology technology that reduce the use of surfactants and organic solvents, enhance skin care products, develop antimicrobial polymers and value add to the competitiveness of consumer care products.
  • New conceptual stimuli-responsive systems to develop suitable systems and better formulations.
  • Chemical modification of lignin/cellulos/starch as a reactive filler with bio-based thermoplastics for better properties.

Applications: New polymers, bioplastics,  formulations and more sustainable materials for cosmetics, health and bodycare products

Encapsulation & Delivery Systems

  • Unique biomaterial systems for the storage, specific triggering and sustained release of fragrances and flavours, smells and taste masking.
  • Time and site specific release capsules based on pH-, salt- or enzyme- triggers, tunable and light-sensitive systems for application in laundry and dishwashing aids, anti-perspirants and sunblock creams.
  • Protecting sensitive active ingredients by encapsulating water-sensitive compounds, thermo-sensitive compounds and probiotics for use in laundry detergent, food stuff and dietary supplements.
Applications: Encapsulation and controlled release systems for use in perfumes, fabric softeners, food and beverage, and cigarette filters.

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