Nanophotonic Fibre Platform

Project objective

Quantum photonics devices are realised in incompatible platforms, and operate in different wavelength and conditions (e.g. ion traps, solid-state qubits, superconductors). A unifying technology is needed to make them work in a single scalable quantum platform. This project aims to develop proof-of-principle realisations of basic devices for photon generation, switching and manipulation on the basis of optical fibre and waveguide technologies.

Quantum States Operation and Coherent Switching in a Fiberised Quantum Network

Main Results

  • The development of packaged fibre-integrated metamaterial plasmonic absorber device and processes for its fabrication;
  • The development of stabilised fiberised platform for quantum network experiments equipped with a source of entangled/heralded photons;
  • The first demonstration of coherent perfect absorption of a single photon in a fibre network;
  • The first demonstration of single photon switching in a fiberised quantum network with visibility of 80%;
  • The first demonstration of quantum states filtering with fiberised metamaterial absorber.

Project Leads: 
Prof. Nikolay Zheludev, CDPT, NTU 
Prof. Cesare Soci, CDPT, NTU 
Dr. Zhu Shiyang, IME, A*STAR
Prof. Alex Ling, CQT, NUS 

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