Spin-Valley Qubits in 2D Materials

Project objective

Demonstrate first spin-valley qubits using scalable platform compatible with current fabrication technologies.

Qubits based on traditional semiconductor platforms appear promising for scale-up, but fabrication proved quite challenging. This project uses the recently discovered spin-valley coupling in 2D TMDCs (Transition Metal Dichalcogenides) to develop a scalable, long-lived qubit strategy.


  • Use electrostatically gated quantum dots (QDs) to achieve scalable planar design

  • Use spin-valley or spin-valley-layer coupling in 2D semiconductors to produce robust qubits

  • Exploit spin-valley-layer coupling to reduce circuit complexity


Project  Lead: Dr. Johnson Goh, IMRE, A*STAR

Last update : 1/25/2019 2:48:48 PM