Spin Technology for Electronic Devices (SpEED)

The IMRE-based SpEED (Spin Technology for Electronic Devices) programme consists of three major components, aiming to harness spin physics’ potential in three main directions: spin transfer torque, spin-orbit, and skyrmionic technologies. Specifically, we aim (i) translate and integrate spin transfer torque (STT) technology into CMOS memory devices, (ii) demonstrate the use of ultra-fast, low-power field free spin orbit torque (SOT) in emerging memory devices further integrated into CMOS chip, and (iii) to develop proof-of-concept skyrmion-based devices in dot (MTJ-like) and wire (track-like) configurations towards multi-bit/ analogue devices. 

Magnetic Skyrmions Spin-Orbit Torque Switching Spin Transfer Torque Switching

Figures adapted from
1. A.Soumyanarayanan et al., Nature 539, 509-517(2016)
2. Fukami et al.,
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Key Contacts

Dr. Anjan Soumyanarayanan
Dr. Lim Sze Ter 

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