New R&D capabilities and knowledge

help increase a company’s productivity and competitiveness

Using his expertise in materials characterisation, IMRE scientist, Dr Phang In Yee, worked with TechnoSpex, a company that specialises in providing high performing and cost effective optics, microscopy and spectroscopy solutions, to expand the range of applications of their current optical micro-spectroscopy products. 

The growth in product applications and capabilities contributed to the increase in the company’s revenue, and heightened interest and recognition from their targeted local and international consumers, which will serve as a stepping stone to creating more applications and forms of products. TechnoSpex was also able to elevate the level of customisation for their products according to specific research needs with the boost in R&D capabilities provided by Dr Phang.

During his secondment with TechnoSpex, Dr Phang developed capability enhancements for one of its main products, the uRaman series. He was involved in the designing and integration of equipment parts that optimised the products’ proficiency. The Raman micro-spectroscopy modules are now amalgamated with a cuvette holder for testing liquid samples and a motorised function was added to empower reflectance mapping capabilities. The Raman spectroscopy system now has extended applications for chemical mappings on bulk materials such as polymer, ceramic and nanomaterials, 2D materials such as graphene, biological samples such as blood, tissue and cells, food analysis, etc.

When asked about the collaborative experience, Dr Phang was delighted that his efforts were producing promising results. The experience had broadened his knowledge of the industry as well. “I have supported TechnoSpex for local and overseas exhibitions and tradeshows. This opportunity has allowed me to learn a great deal by meeting and interacting with industry experts from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries across the world,” he explained. 

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