SME and MNC gain from IMRE innovation

HVS Engineering, a local enterprise, collaborated with IMRE to build a new water treatment system for cooling tower applications that help save water and energy. The system produced environment-friendly disinfectants to treat the water and lower the ion concentration of water so that it could be reused, achieving water savings of about 7 percent each month.

This was made possible through the efforts of IMRE scientist, Dr. Kumar Manippady (in photo above), who discovered a novel way to design and develop an electrochemical activation system for the company. The system he developed removed impurities from the water used in cooling tower applications and mitigated the deposition of calcium and magnesium scale in the water, without the use of harsh chemicals.  With the decreased amount of water impurities, water could be recycled in cooling tower applications resulting in lower water consumption. The innovative system also resulted in energy savings of more than 5 percent per month.

According to HVS Engineering, with the addition of the system to its product line, it is expecting a year-on-year increase in revenue of 20 percent from 2018.  The system is currently installed and used at Makino Asia, a multi-national manufacturing company.  

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