Talent Development

Deployment of Scholars

You are coming close to the end point of a long, arduous trek towards a PhD, and are wondering which A*STAR research institute is the best home for your first postdoctoral job in Singapore. Have you given serious consideration to IMRE?

IMRE is one of the few SERC research institutes that conduct research in many diverse fields (besides materials science, our research spans disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computational modeling, etc.). In addition, the nature of our research can range from basic fundamental science to industry-applied work, and we have achieved a solid international reputation for our top-class research.

Our matrix-based organizational structure allows for breadth and depth of research, and offers healthy vertical as well as lateral opportunities for career growth. We are proud that, over these years, IMRE has groomed numerous talents who have stayed on as researchers in IMRE as well as those who have branched out into academia or industry. With a good mix of local and international talents, IMRE has a fun, respectful and fair working culture that we believe you would enjoy. Socially, our staff enjoy activities such as daily afternoon tea breaks, special festive celebrations, sports events, team building, dinner-and-dance etc.

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Last update : 6/29/2015 12:11:11 PM