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You are applying for A*STAR scholarship, and are wondering where to do your research attachment in Singapore. Look no further if you are interested in materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, as well as the above fields being applied to biomedical research.You will get an opportunity to work with quality people and quality equipment, and see for yourself how research in the lab might translate into applications and products in the industry or daily life. We can give you advice and tips on university applications and the do’s-and-don’ts of PhD studies. At the end of your attachment, you might even decide in advance to make IMRE the launching pad of your postdoctoral career.
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Research Attachment Scholars 2012

“For one who conducts research in areas related to Soft Matter Physics for the past five years, I am constantly amazed by and excited about the changes these results could bring to our lives and the ways they revolutionize our thinking. As a research specialist here in the Institute of Material Research and Engineering, I have taken the opportunity to learn from researchers and students within and outside the institute. My major research interest lies in Dr. Joel Yang’s project on ligand assisted self-assembly and its potential application in bit patterned media. During my PhD years, I would like to build upon my previous research experience on synthesizing functionalized nano-particles and to apply them to build systems that better identify knobs in nature.”

Zhai Weichao
BSc (Physics), Stanford University

Project at IMRE: Achieving Large Area Coverage of Au Nanoparticles on Si by Chemical Fictionalization of the Substrate

“During my FYP in NUS, my project was based in IMRE and was an XPS surface science study on photocatalytic materials. As such, I managed to obtain an insight into the environment and capabilities of IMRE.
In my short time here, I have greatly increased my exposure towards research work. There were many opportunities to perform hands on work in sample synthesis and characterization, as well as learning various tools along the way. This greatly complemented the largely classroom based style (aside from experimental modules and FYP) while studying at NUS, and provided a different challenge as I embark upon my preparations for my PhD. I was also able to tap on the vast experience of my lab colleagues and supervisors which was invaluable in honing my experimental skills.
There’s still 10 months to go for my RA at IMRE, and if the past two months is any indication, this attachment looks set for an amazing finish.”

Lau Chit Siong
BSc in Physics (major) and Nanoscience (minor),
National University of Singapore
Will be pursuing PhD in Materials at University of Oxford

“I have learnt much from working at IMRE, and not just about research. It has certainly been an interesting experience thus far.”
Project at IMRE: Templating Methods for Porous Polymer Films

Aaron Thong Zhenghui
BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, National University of Singapore

“With background in materials science, it has come to my awareness that to ascertain every fundamental aspects of human’s life to work well, it is nearly inseparable from having a suitable material supporting them. Building foundation, aerospace structure, solar energy harvesting, and biological applications are a few areas that have been doing well due to the fundamental understanding of the correlation between nano-/micro-structure, resulting property and the end performance of the material. I believe that the increasing demand for better quality of life and to support the need on energy, food, water problems due to growing population will reflect in higher need for a better and novel material and applications in real life, which I can learn from in IMRE with its highly resourceful researchers and state of the art technology and equipment.”

Steven Lukman
BSc (Materials Science and Engineering), Nanyang Technological University
MSc (Nuclear Engineering and Management), University of Tokyo
Project at IMRE: Studying DNA-protein Interaction

“The one year RA at IMRE is an excellent opportunity for me to learn basic research skills that will undoubtedly be very useful for my PhD studies and beyond. I am very privileged to have met some senior scientists as well as young researchers during my attachment period. All these interactions have truly refined my way of thinking and my attitude towards science.”

Ady Suwardi
BEng (Materials Science and Engineering), Nanyang Technological University
Will be pursuing PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy at University of Cambridge
Project at IMRE: Fabrication and Testing of Photovoltaic effect in Ferroelectric materials using Electron Beam Lithography

“The interdisciplinary research at IMRE allows me to apply my knowledge in organic chemistry to challenging scientific problems in the areas of energy and environment.”

Ong Wen Jie
MChem, University of Oxford
Project at IMRE: Application of Direct C-H Arylation to Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers for Solar Energy Conversion Applications

“The research project at IMRE has brought me through the whole cycle of device design, fabrication, characterisation and analysis. It has helped boost my hands-on skills in particular. I am grateful for the constant support from my supervisor and the generous help from my colleagues.”

Wu Mengfei
MEng & BA (Electrical Engineering), University of Cambridge
Project at IMRE: Study of materials and printing methods for printed diodes

“With advances in energy production, we must come up with ways to store this energy and use this energy on demand. Being in the new Advanced Energy Storage group has given me an opportunity to be a part of this.”

Lum Yanwei
BEng (Materials Science and Engineering), Imperial College London
Project at IMRE: Nanoporous Materials Based Semi-solid Electrolytes for Lithium Secondary Batteries with Improved Safety

“The fast-paced, innovative and forward-looking research in IMRE has made this one-year attachment a very exciting and fulfilling time for me. I am enjoying my work here thoroughly.”

Jason Lim Yuan Chong
BSc (Chemistry), Imperial College Londo
Project at IMRE: Biomolecule-templated Fluorescent Metal Nanoclusters for Imaging and Molecular Sensing

“I’m currently synthesizing donor-acceptor type polymers to investigate their electrochromic properties. I find it exciting to create novel materials and I am looking forward to some favourable results. Working at IMRE has provided me with invaluable research experience in the field of organic semiconducting polymers, which I want to pursue my PhD in.”

Jonathan Low Zhaozhi
Bsc (Chemistry), Imperial College London
Project at IMRE: Donor-Acceptor Type Molecules and Conjugated Polymers for Energy Conversion Applications

“I joined IMRE to expose myself to the exciting research here and to apply the things I have learnt to the development of new materials and devices with useful applications.”

Tan Chor Seng
BA (Physics), Cornell University
Project at IMRE: Fabrication and Optimization of Aluminum-doped Alpha-phase Iron Disilicide Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications

“Working in IMRE has been a very fulfilling experience for me. I could feel a sense of professionalism and genuine passion for knowledge in every researcher I interact with. I have enjoyed and learned from these everyday interactions as much as from my own research. Together, they form one of the most memorable chapters in my life as a researcher.”

Zhang Xing
BSc (Chemistry), University of Chicago
Project at IMRE: Self-assembly Studies of Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) Block Co-polymers

Research Attachment Scholars 2011

“The past year of research attachment with IMRE has been fulfilling and joyful. Besides gaining further insight in the field of photovoltaics and forming a clearer picture for subsequent postgraduate studies, the friendships formed with colleagues are held dear to my heart too. IMRE certainly has a nurturing environment for budding researchers.”

Zhang XingYang Le
BSc (Chemistry), Imperial College London
Currently pursuing PhD in Optoelectronics at University of Cambridge
Project at IMRE: Non-halogenated Solvents for High Performance Printable Organic Solar Cells

“Working in IMRE has better prepared me for a career in research as it taught me how to think through scientific problems critically and thoroughly, to push the boundaries, and most importantly, to never give up."

Serene Chen Weiyan
BSc (Chemistry), Imperial College London
Currently pursuing PhD in Chemistry at University of Cambridge
Project at IMRE: Halogen Bonding in Liquid Crystals

“During my 1 year research attachment at IMRE, I have learnt how to apply my skills and knowledge in chemical synthesis to the synthesis of highly functional polymers. It has been an enjoyable experience interacting with my supervisor and fellow colleagues in IMRE.”

Seah Kang Yee
BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, Imperial College London
Currently pursuing PhD in Organic Chemistry in University of Oxford 
Project at IMRE: Synthesis of Conjugated Molecules (Small Molecules and Polymers) for Organic Solar Cells and Thin Film Transistors

“I was dealing with Dye sensitized solar cell at NUS Material science and engineering department before I started my one year attachment in IMRE. As such, I am really interested in semiconductors and their optoelectronic applications. I was delighted to work with Dr Hong Young-Rae, Dr Wang Wei and Dr Chi Dong Zhi when I was in IMRE.
The one year RA gives me adequate preparations for me to embark on my PhD studies. It was different from a student attachment program as it gives us a taste of what it is like to work full time as a staff in IMRE. I was given the freedom to plan my experiments within the framework of my supervisors and this gives me a good opportunity to experience a little on experimental organization, planning and lab discipline. In all, I enjoyed my work experience in IMRE.”

Darren Neo Chi Jin(centre)
BEng (Materials Science and Engineering), National University of Singapore
Currently pursuing PhD in Material Science at Oxford University
Project at IMRE: Nano Cds/TiO2 Heterostructure as Photocatalyst for Water-splitting

Research Attachment Scholars 2010

"With IMRE echoing the call from A*STAR and pushing for scientific research with applications in mind, this research attachment has shown me how scientific research differ from industrial research and how the synergy of the two can produce fast and effective results for both the scientific community and the industry."

Lionel Moh
BSc (Materials Science & Engineering), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Currently pursuing PhD in Polymer Science & Technology in Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Project at IMRE: Charge transport in organic thin film transistors

"IMRE, with its commitment towards quality research and staff development, has provided me with plenty of opportunities to learn and to grow"

Seh Zhi Wei
BS (Materials Science & Engineering), Cornell University
Currently pursuing PhD in Materials Science & Engineering in Stanford University
Project at IMRE: Synthesis and multiple reuse of eccentric Au@TiO2 nanostructures as catalysts

"A year of research attachment at IMRE has exposed me to the excitement of research and the joy of working with people to solve difficult problems."

Edwin Khoo
BS (Chemical Engineering), Stanford University
Currently pursuing PhD in Chemical Engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Project at IMRE: Fabrication of polymeric microfluidic devices for enhancement of capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection

"A year of research attachment at IMRE has exposed me to the excitement of research and the joy of working with people to solve difficult problems."

Jayce Cheng
BSc (Materials Science & Engineering), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Currently pursuing PhD in Materials Science & Engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Project at IMRE: Patterning of embedded photonic crystals to improve LED light extraction

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