Talent Development

Postgraduate and International Students

IMRE provides an ideal research environment for postgraduate students. Our large pool of researchers and students provides a vibrant atmosphere for postgraduates to learn, grow and contribute to scientific discoveries for a fulfilling experience in materials research.

  • Close personal supervision from dedicated IMRE scientists and researchers
  • Extensive support from technical staff in IMRE
  • Vibrant environment with fellow students
  • Access to full range of equipment, expertise and methods in materials research
  • Close collaborations with universities both locally and oveseas
  • Strong reputation in publications and patents
  • Social events to build networks and contacts for a research career
  • Opportunities to attend local and overseas conferences

Postgraduate studies in IMRE is a unique and all-rounded experience. Our focus is to provide the guidance and training that you need to advance your scientific career. That is why IMRE postgraduates are always held in high regards.

Join us today for a rewarding experience as an IMRE postgraduate!

"I arrived in Singapore about a year ago and am attached to the patterning and fabrication capability group. When not working in the central cleanroom facilities trying to make very high resolution protein patterns, I also enjoy travelling around South East Asia. What’s great about IMRE is the people! They are multi-disciplinary and enjoy their science. There’s never a shortage of people to help you especially when you are new to the institute."

Mark Moxey
Department of Chemistry
University of Sheffield
Project Title: Nanoarrays of Light Harvesting Complexes Assembled on Chemically Patterned Surfaces
A*STAR Research Attachment Programme (ARAP)

“The most fascinating thing about IMRE is that you can almost find an expert in any field of materials research ranging from bio-sensing, polymer synthesis, organic electronics and photonics to catalysis. And considering the vast scope in materials research, it is even more remarkable given the diverse multi-nationality demographics in IMRE. This recipe presents an excellent stage for cross-disciplinarily research for the next generation functional, hybrid molecular based materials to flourish, which potentially have game changing applications in numerous industries. Coupled with the state of the art characterization, fabrication and synthesis facilities, IMRE looks set to cement its status as one of the premier research institutes in the world in turbo-charge mode.”

Raymond Gan Ching Ruey Department of Chemistry
National University of Singapore
Project Title: Bio-inspired Systems towards Oxidation Reactions

“The laboratories are well-equipped and I can find almost all instruments for my research. One unique advantage is that we are able to access to these equipment after training. This accelerates my research progress. My current project in IMRE targets porous materials for desulfurization which is an important extension of my project in Iran on the desulfurization using aromatic molecules. This technology can be useful in removing sulfur complexes in gasoline, etc. I highly appreciate IMRE for hosting and financial support during my stay in Singapore. I enjoy my research in the lab as well as exploring this beautiful country.”

Mahsa Amarghan Mahsa Amarghan

“The beginning is the most important part of the work“… Plato. I consider it such a great opportunity to have catapulted my research career at a top-notch research institute like IMRE. The attachment with IMRE during my PhD programme has afforded me the privilege to have been trained in a myriad of fabrication and characterization tools apropos to launch a career in the semiconductor industry. I am most appreciative of the support from all technical and non-technical staff who make IMRE what it is. The diversity of various research spokes within the wheel of IMRE creates an environment where problems are tackled from different perspectives. My experience in IMRE has been up until now WONDERFUL and MEMORABLE.”

Kwadwo Konadu Ansah-Antwi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National University of Singapore
Project Title: GaN Nanostructures on Silicon (GaN-on-Si) for Optoelectronic Applications
Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

"Here at IMRE, the range of unique equipment and materials in IMRE allows realisation of courageous ideas, and it is usually possible to find experts who can help with experiments. Results discussion during group meetings and seminars is one of the important parts of work, which is well established in the institute."

Maria Lomova
Saratov State University (Russia)
Attachment Period: September 2010 to September 2011)
Project Title: Encapsulation of Active Substances and Their Protection from Oxidizing Media

"Not only are the labs well-organised in IMRE, the people in IMRE really inspired me to get off my seat and do some good research. They are enthusiatic about guiding and helping students. The staff in the lab where I work assisted me a lot during my initial learning period and supported me well in everyday research thereafter."

Naveen Kumar
National University of Singapore
Project title: Dye Sensitised Solar Cells, Organic Solar Cells and Charge Transport Studies for Photovoltaic Applications

"My eighteen months attachment in IMRE was an exciting experience . The well-equipped institute and knowledgable staff offered me a great research environment which allows tedious research processes to proceed at ease and ideas coming true. Cooperative environment is also created in this institute where facilities and departments are centralized providing great help in our research!"

Chi Hong
National University of Singapore
Project title: "Fabrication of hybrid nanostructures for applications"

"During my attachment in IMRE, I had the opportunity to perform novel research on fields that will provide to society new devices to get cleaner and cheaper energy. The high-level equipment and the devoted staff working in this institute gives a suitable environment to make IMRE a leader in materials research worldwide. I am really grateful for this experience that will be helpful in my professional life. I obtained significant knowledge that cannot be acquired in a classroom and I contribute through some analysis to this project that IMRE has focused for a long time. Because of this and some other things, this experience has really motivated me to keep doing research in this and other related fields."

David Soler Delgado
ITESM Campus Puebla (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey)
Project Title: The Role of Molybdenum Oxide as Anode Buffer Layer in Organic Photovoltaics.

"Working at IMRE over the summer was a wonderful experience. I had a chance to work in a great facility with friendly group members that were always willing to explain the science behind what I was doing. This attachment was also an opportunity to experience what it is like to live independently in a foreign country as well as a chance to travel around Southeast Asia."

Jennifer Wei
Yale University, Department of Chemistry, BS intensive major
Project Title: Finite-difference Time Domain (FDTD) Simulations of Plasmon Resonances In Nanodisks for Micro-color Images

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