Talent Development

Secondary and Pre-University Students

YOU are in Junior College. Or perhaps in a Secondary School.
YOU have always liked science and done well in science class.
But that’s learning science. Big deal, everyone does that.
Now, experience REAL science
… in a REAL research lab.

See what YOU could be doing this holiday…

"Research attachment at IMRE is exciting and inspirational. It allows me to experience the real-life research at the frontier of science. It also allows me to know the life as a researcher and a scientist. I am very grateful towards Dr. Karthik Kumar, my scientist mentor, who offered guidance and encouragement during the research project. Although the journey at IMRE is short, it will definitely impact me with greater passion on science and research. Thank you, IMRE."
Weng Ling
Temasek Junior College
Research Attachment May-December 2012

(from left to right): Zhang Kang, Nikolai, Hongjie and Zhong Liang

Zhang Kang from NJC did a project with IMRE in 2007 on "Magnetic Thin Films" and won the Gold Award at 2008 Singapore Science and Engineering Festival.
He is currently pursuing his studies in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
During his stint in IMRE, he published a paper in the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:
"Two-Axis Magnetisation Analysis of Epitaxial Cobalt Films"
by: N.L.Yakovlev, H.Chen, K.Zhang, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v.11, 2575-2578 (2011)

Outreach Activities

YOU TOO can be part of the IMRE experience.

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